September Releases!!!

We apologize for the lack of notices on our publications. We have been so busy putting these books together and publishing them that we forgot to tell people about them.


Cate Aria has a new miniseries, Fucking My Family. Episodes 1 and 2 are now available. Episodes 3 and 4 will be released in September, the 20th and 30th respectively.

You can view all her upcoming books at



Brit Ducane has released Episodes 1 & 2, Daddy’s Little Slut and Pounded By Big Brother, from the series Adopted: Kim, The Family Fuck Toy, as well as Double Teaming The Doberman Part 1 & 2. Coming in September will be Adopted: Kim, The Family Fuck Toy – Episode 3: Mommy Uses A Strap On, as well as Fucking For Freedom (A Tale Of Forced Incest And Bestiality)


You can view all of Brit Ducane’s upcoming titles at



Our newest author, Nude Barbie, has outdone herself with her first four titles: Put It In My Mouth, Daddy!, I Want To Fuck My Daughter, Accidental Incest, and Daddy, Don’t!.


You can purchase her tantalizing tales at



Or you can go to


And I am happy to announce that most of our titles can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, one of the few retailers that haven’t outright banned our publications.

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