It’s A Shame, Really…

It’s a shame that you haven’t signed up for our mailing list to receive special offers and discounts that the general public simply aren’t privy to.

Here’s what you missed out on today.

Please Baby! Please Give Mommy That Hard Cock Of Yours! by Yours Truly, Brit Ducane, scheduled for release March 10th.

That’s right, the privileged few received a free advance copy. Right now they are biting their lips, beads of sweat dripping down their bare flesh, as they read my book (for free!) with one hand, while their beds shake, their thighs tremble, while they moan and cry in taboo pleasure. A pleasure so intense that only I can give them.

And there is you, who will have to wait until the official release date before I can make you hot and bothered, before I can make you flood your undergarments with life’s sweet nectar. After you pay me for the privilege.

Now, isn’t that a shame? Paying me to get you off like I’m a cheap whore?

Wouldn’t you rather I be your free slut? Someone who makes your juices flow for nothing more than the satisfaction of getting you off?

I know I would.

So do us both a favor, sweetness. Sign up to receive those special favors. I want you to enjoy our next giveaway.

Please let me make you cum.

Sign up at

I can’t wait to make your body tingle as you release the floodgate of orgasmic ecstacy.

                     -Brit Ducane

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