Smashwords Adult Filter

Since some of our readers have expressed concerns about Smashwords unpublishing or removing from their store erotica, we would like to take a moment to inform everyone that neither is the case. They have simply changed the parameters of their adult filter.

Instead of simply turning it on or off to view or not view adult books, they now have it so that you can turn the filter on, blocking all adult content, turn it off for non-erotica adult content, or turn it completely off. In the adult filter tab at the top right corner (on your pc) and the bottom left of the page (on your mobile), you can change the filter. A circle with a line through it means the filter is on and no adult content will be visible. A check mark means that adult content, save for erotica, will be visible. And a plus sign means that you will be able to view the erotica genre.

I hope this has cleared up any concerns that you might have had, and that you take the time to turn the adult filter completely off and enjoy the erotica stories we, and so many other talented authors, have to offer.

           -Brit Ducane

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