May Releases

We are happy to announce four new smoldering taboo tales that will be released in May.

How I Became A Dirty Little Horse Slut by Brandy Bestiality ~ $0.99
When Carrie caught her brother having sex with their cousin, she took pictures and sent them to his wife. In an act of revenge, Bobby and Tina dragged Carrie to the stables, stripped her naked and forced her to perform oral sex on a prized stallion while they recorded it for the sole purpose of sending it to their entire family.

The Sexual Adventure Of Incest Amy #6: The Interspecies Family Gangbang by Brit Ducane ~ $1.99
When Amy’s mom shows up to take her home, her entire world turns upside down. Hidden truths come to light, and Amy struggles to hold on to her independence. One thing she, her father and brother can agree on is that her mother needs to pay, and they need to satisfy their insatiable, incestuous desires.

Drunken Sex With The Dog Next Door by Brandy Bestiality ~ $0.99
Candice’s boyfriend left her high and dry, or rather drunk and wet. After stumbling through her doorway, dizzy and horny, she passed out, falling to the floor with her skirt pushed up to her waist. When she awoke, her neighbor’s dog was already licking away. Too horny to stop him, she made the drunken decision to take things further. She needed to get laid, and didn’t care if it was taboo.

Riding My Sleeping Grandpa’s Gigantic Cock! by Cate Aria ~ $0.99
Veronique Dubois wanted to lose her virginity, but only a well-hung alpha male would do. When she spent the summer with her handsome, distinguished grandpa, she knew he was the one to take her virginity. She knew he wanted it too, but didn’t want to corrupt his innocent Roni, so she took matters into her own hands by sneaking into his bedroom while he slept.

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