Recommended Taboo

Recommended Taboo Books Photo.jpgWe at E B Books support all indie authors, especially those who choose to write in the erotica genre. Erotica, especially dark and taboo erotica, is one of the most difficult to market since most retailers frown upon its explicit content. Therefore, we have gathered a list of our favorite authors of taboo erotica. We hope that you show these authors your support, and enjoy their hard work.

For quick access to thousands of naughty books by hundreds of creative storytellers, click on the following link (Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and disable the adult filter or you will miss out on the best books.) Or click on the link of one of our favorite books.

Check back often as we will continuously update our list.



Some of our favorite books:

Daddy, I Can’t Swallow It All! by Baby Angie is – $2.99

Candy ignores Daddy and then ends up regretting it. Daddy gives it to her NONSTOP!


Hounded: Taken By The Pack by Kelly Addams – $1.99

Tanya isn’t the brightest of girls, but she does know that she will never find work in the small village that she calls home. She needs to spread her wings, so a grape picking job in France seems perfect, she craves adventure… And that adventure begins on the bus as she leaves her home, a series of fluke events bring out Her inner slit… Just in time for her to experience the ultimate taboo.


Daddy’s Favorite by Sapphire Stone – $2.99

How inconsiderate of her parents to uproot her just as she was about to get asked to the prom by the cute jock. Not only uprooting them to another city but to the boonies where surely she and her brother will die a quick death by boredom. She never knew what her Daddy had really planned for her. Adult incest content.


Dog Sitting… And Fucking by Barbie Lez – $0.99

My boyfriend is an asshole. But I didn’t realize just How truly evil he was until I discovered a video of him beating his dog. I could have contacted the authorities, but that didn’t seem sufficient. Instead, I did the only thing I could think of. I showed that poor animal that not all humans are evil. How did I do that, you might ask? Simple. I had sex with him.


Shadow Play by Michael Jade – $2.99

An erotic short story featuring characters 18 and older… Unseen entity directs a hot, taboo encounter! Rachel watches her step-daughter and BFF activate an old Ouija board that spells out some rather naughty suggestions. Before long, Rachel finds herself right in the middle of the action.


Getting To Know Our Daddy by Leanna Connor – $0.99

All of these stories are written by myself with the help of my older sister, Wendy. It’s about our experiences growing up in a beautiful, unique family full of love. We decided to start from the beginning, so other than our last name being changed everything is completely true.


Seduction Of A Brother by Tommy Incest – $2.99

With a vividly dark imagination, I love writing my dark erotic imagery and sharing it. We all have hunger and the idea this feeds you is exciting. Check back often if these stories titillate you as I will be publishing them.


Daddy Is Too Hard by Baby Angie – $2.99

A hot fertile young girl forces her father to man up and give it to her hard!


Babysitter Bondage: Mom And Dad Take The Virgin Babysitter by Traci Wilde – $2.99

Suzie is finally going to make her move on Mr. Jones. She’s a little nervous – afterall Mr. Jones is old enough to be her Dad – he’s 36, she’s 18. And a virgin. But she’s had her eye on Mr. Jones for years, ever since she started babysitting his kids. Tonight she’s going to fulfill that fantasy – only to learn that Mr. & Mrs. Jones have their own fantasies with her, and tonight they’re going to come true.


Babysitter Bondage 2: Mom And Dad Share Suzie With The Neighbors by Traci Wilde – $2.99

Suzie has been bound and lavished by Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the couple she babysit for. The two older adults have done things to her she never knew imagined, brought sensations from her body she never knew existed. Now, they’re back, with Suzie still bound and helpless, ready for more play, and this time they cross a new line, sharing her with the neighbors in this steamy tale of BDSM, desire and sex.


When Daddy Was Away by Alexa Nichols – $2.99

James Salvador Whitman was fully prepared to go to college a shy, awkward virgin, but his step-sister (and three of her best friend’s) – not to mention his step-mother and a few of the married neighborhood women – have very different ideas…


Daddy’s Forbidden Desire: The Complete Series by Veronica Sloan – $5.99

The whole sordid saga is now available in one box set! Dale is a hard-working husband and father with a lot on his mind, but he’s still got the libido of a young stallion! His wife is no longer interested in sex, so what can he do when his hot and horny daughter sets out to seduce him? As Katie tempts her father at every turn,  will Dale give in to this forbidden desire?


Daddy’s Forbidden Desire: Angela’s Awakening by Veronica Sloan – $2.99

Welcome to the new chapter in the best-selling series, “Daddy’s Forbidden Desire”! This stand alone story follows Angela’s personal quest to seduce her strict Marine daddy. Home for the summer, this busty brat will stop at nothing to tease and tempt the man of the house until he’s compelled to punish her the way she’s always wanted!


Daddy’s Hot Maid: Getting His Attention by Lizzy Eliot – $2.99

I’ve seen Daddy with Mommy and the maids, and he doesn’t treat them nice. It’s hot. He is the man in charge, and that’s sexy, so maybe it’s time I tried putting on a uniform and showing him that I can be a naughty girl too.


Daddy’s Hot Maid 2: Serving Daddy’s Partner by Lizzy Eliot – $2.99

Daddy’s partner is coming over for the evening and I have to be especially nice to him. Daddy wants him pleased and I know that means he’ll want me. Maybe they’ll both want me. And mommy will be there, helping me learn how to please Daddy.


Daddy’s Hot Maid 3: Big Brother’s Welcome Home by Lizzy Eliot – $2.99

My brother Johnny is home on leave from the Army and Daddy wants me to give him a welcome he won’t forget. And when he shows up with his Army buddies, one of whom is a girl, the welcome gets pretty wild. The guys are hot and horny. They want their pleasure in every hole. And Gina, their combat pal, wants to stick her fist in me while Johnny takes my ass.

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