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Merry Kissmus, Lincoln! (due by mid October)

Lincoln McCarthy, Attorney at Law.

Grandfather's Ship The SS UNITED STATES

The Last American Star

Announce Coming Events:

October 12th, 2019:  "Paw" signing event at Mint Julep Antiques in Hampton, VA from 12:00 - 6:00 P.M.  Lincoln will be there to sign books and to take orders for his new book due out in mid-October, Merry Kissmus, Lincoln!.

November 8th, 2019:  "Paw signing" event at The Inn at WIse in WIse, VA for their Christmas Bazaar.

Lincoln's new book is the second in the "Lincoln McCarthy" series featuring a laberdoodle lawyer who helps solve problems for friends, clients and children.  Lincoln's niece, Autumn, loves "Kissmus" and when Lincoln asks her to tell him about the birth of Jesus, Autumn's version sends Lincoln reeling.  Autumn thinks the shepeherds found out about the birth of Jesus via WiFi and took Ubers to Bethlehem while the angels (God's "paper towels") clean up messes people make on Earth.  Lincoln finally hauls Autumn onto his lap and reads to her from the Book of Luke setting her straight about the Christ child's birth.  This story demonstrates how little children make sense of new information while broadening their vocabularies with limited background knowledge which can sometimes lead to misconceptions.  Children and adults will both be enlightened by this fun Christmas story published by AuthorHouse.

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Meet Lincoln McCarthy, Attorney at Law

Lincoln participated in the Cooks and Books book event at the Farner's Market Plaza in St. Paul, VA in July.  He had a blast meeting so many wonderful folks and sharing so many interesting books!  Lincoln also attend chuch at Gladeville Presbyterian in Wise and then had lunch at Mountain Rose Vineyards.


Lincoln Traveled the Commonwealth of Virginia this Summer

Lincoln McCarthy took some time from his legal work to do several "paw" signings this summer.  He also did a little service dog work because Lincoln feels it is important to do volunteer work in the community.


Lincoln Has "Paw" Signing at Hampton Stationery

Lincoln's new book is entitled Merry Kissmus, Lincoln! and in this fun Christmas story, we are introduced to Lincoln's niece, Autumn.  Autumn is a four year old tot who is still discovering about life and historical events which includes the account of Jesus' birth.  The book is for young and old alike!


Lincoln the Laberdoodle Lawyer

Lincoln attended the Cooks and Books book event in St. Paul, VA in July.  He loved meeting so many wonderful people and showing off his summer "threads" for the event.


E.B. Fletcher has been a regular classroom teacher, a Title I reading teacher, a reading specialist, an administrative reading specialist, assistant principal, educational diagnostician and an adjunct professor.  Her books include Lincoln McCarthy, Attorney at Law, The Last American Star and Grandfather's Ship the S.S. UNITED STATES. Fletcher has also written a book review of Polar, The Titanic Bear.

Lincoln McCarthy, Attorney at Law

Lincoln himself inspired the new book.  He is a regal and smart dog who has a commanding presence and is no nonsense, yet he is very lovable and tender hearted.


With the sale of each copy of Lincoln McCarthy, Attorney at Law, some proceeds go to the ASPCA.

With the sale of each copy of Grandfather's Ship the S.S. UNITED STATES, some proceeds go to the S.S. UNITED STATES Conservancy.

S.S. UNITED STATES Conservancy


Brennan Runswick is always available to help!


Grantham Wythe loves to read, too!


Zara says, "Patience is the key."


Meet the live Characters

Nothing gets by Zara Rose, Private Investigator.


Brennan Runswick knows how to help a client with a problem!


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